Embrace the FUTURE of your heating or stay in the DOLDRUMS?

Sometimes it’s just a matter
of preference, other times it can
be all about the economics

With Retro-Underfloor Heating you can upgrade your looks and downgrade your payments at the same time!

Modern, Efficient & Money saving 

Underfloor Heating vs Radiators

Why are so many homeowners now choosing Retro-Underfloor Heating over Radiators?

Home Office? Meeting Place? Lounging?

Our homes have always been somewhat multi-purpose and this has never been more important than now. It is crucial to have a robust, commercial scale and reliable heating solution for our homes, work spaces and environments where cost effective and efficient temperature control is required.

As consumers are becoming more and more design conscious and designer savvy, their demands are also increasing.

More often than not, radiators are big and bulky. They are rarely installed ‘out of the way’ and therefore disrupt the overall look of any given room or space.

Retro-Underfloor Heating dispenses with the need for innefficient, clunky radiators and offers greatly increased and improved thermal comfort compared to conventional heating methods.

Radiators use room air to transfer heat, resulting in uneven warmth and higher temperatures at ceiling height ( where it is of little use ) compared to floor level ( where it is needed the most ).

With Retro-Underfloor heating, the floor is gently heated by piped warm water or heated cable and the heating energy is evenly emitted from the floor by natural radiation giving you warmth where you need it most.

What are the practical advantages of Underfloor Heating Over Radiators?

Increased comfort

The result of this is that you can experience a more evenly distributed and comfortable level of heat, particularly as you can easily control the heat with a thermostat. With radiators you can sometimes experience an uncomfortable level of heat, with the air becoming dry, underfloor heating actually helps to conserve the moisture in the air, preserving a more comfortable atmosphere.

Improved & Increased Control = Reduced Running Costs

With regards to the thermostats used in conjunction with underfloor heating, they differ from more conventional temperature controls where there is generally only one central thermostat. With underfloor heating you can conveniently program individual room temperatures, meaning that you needn’t unnecessarily heat certain rooms, and can meet each individual room’s heating requirements (you can even control your heating from your smartphone!). The result is not only an improved level of comfort, but can also produce a significant saving compared to radiator systems.

Limited Maintenance

Underfloor heating requires limited maintenance once installed. Through conducting pressure testing to eliminate the possibility of leaks, you can be assured that the underfloor pipes will not need to be dug back up again once properly laid. Maintenance is something which can lead to costly and inconvenient call out fees, and the potential cost of repairs, underfloor heating can save you money down the line, as well as on your heating bills.

Potential Health Implications

Convection heating currents can serve to aggravate asthma sufferers and people who may have dust allergies due to the fact that the currents circulate and distribute a greater level of dust throughout the room and household. Underfloor heating provides a cleaner radiant heat causing less discomfort to sufferers.


The convenience of underfloor heating lies in its ability to meet your heating needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner;  also offering a more comfortable home environment for everyone. Radiators of course remain a viable means of heating your home and are often used in conjunction with underfloor heating, this gives individuals still greater choice when choosing a heating solution.

Underfloor heating in your home or business can lead to improvements in cost, health, maintenance and flexibility. People are striving for more and more convenience in their life, underfloor heating definitely fits the brief.

So now you are ready
to bring your home in to the 21st Century and Save Money?!