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Retro Smart Floor System

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The RETRO SMART FLOOR SYSTEM is a bespoke underfloor heating system that can be neatly cut into any existing solid concrete screed floor making it the ideal system for any retrospective application.

Retro Underfloor Heating also offers a system that sits within suspended timber floors without the build-up of levels required for conventional underfloor heating.

Retro Underfloor Heating prides themselves on being highly knowledgeable in underfloor heating and its systems. Offering full install packages using in-house engineers and installers.

There is also a Contractors Package available which includes floor cut / pipe and manifold only packages. This allows other wiring and plumbing to manifold managed by onsite contractors.

Other Underfloor Heating Packages are also available, favoured by trade customers or homeowners who already have a main contractor onsite carrying out building works.

Retro Underfloor Heating provides a sales service on all pipe, manifolds, wiring centres and thermostats along with all the  associated items.

This sort of flexibility, allowing customers to buy the equipment and install in the traditional method themselves, has proven to be really popular with the self build community and experienced
DIYers alike.

When Two Construction Industries Collide...

Retro Underfloor Heating was formed by Simon Goldsmith and David Hare; two leading experts in their respective fields.

Simon runs a very successful construction company, operating across the entire south of England.

With his knowledge and experience in construction, both in commercial and residential projects, Simon has a keen interest in the development of the industry and new products that are innovative and that revolutionise the trade.

David operates his own reputable well established plumbing and heating company covering a large proportion of the south of England with an undisputed wealth of technical knowledge in both commercial and residential sectors.

Having worked alongside each other on nunmerous occasions, Simon and David frequently came across a common problem. Home owners wanted underfloor heating installed but already had existing solid floors.

Simon Goldsmith

David Hare

‘Home owners wanted underfloor heating installed but already had existing solid floors...'

There had to be a better way,
so Simon and David put their heads together...

So how did the dynamic duo solve this problem to rescue the dreams of all the expectant property owners?

An existing solid subfloor in a property would have always meant the breaking up of a concrete screed required and the laying of a traditional underfloor heating system. The other option would mean raising all floor levels with an overlay system.

Not only was this very dirty and very dusty but also very expensive. Doors would need to be altered, all skirting board and trim replaced etc. Interior and exterior doors could be affected as well as the base of staircases giving unequal risers which could potentially result in the stairs being unsafe too.

Faced with this ever occurring problem, Simon and David got together to find a solution to this. We now know this as the RETRO SMART FLOOR SYSTEM.

It has taken many years of testing and altering of the production machinery and installation equipment.

There has been continual assessment and improvement in solving these age old construction issues. Then finally, RETRO SMART FLOOR SYSTEMS was created and has now been rolled out across the country. This revolutionary system has given way to many successfully completed jobs with as many happy and completely satisfied customers.

So now you are ready
to bring your home in to the 21st Century and Save Money?!