Fast, Efficient & Clean!

So how do we do all this for you?

With a less labour intensive installation method, Retro-Underfloor Heating is also quicker and cleaner

Stylish, Warming & Cost Effective

Fitting an entire underfloor heating installation, complete with pipework and manifold, can take just one day!

See below just how this revolutionary system is changing
the face of heating today

New Build?

Concrete Subfloor?

Wood Subfloor?

Retro Underfloor Heating –
The highly sought after system.

The brilliant ‘dust free’ cutting method used along side the specifically designed dust extraction equipment used to channel the floors means very little / no dust or mess.

The Retro-Underfloor Heating System can be connected directly to your existing system. can even heat different areas in independent zones for full and total control.

Water-based underfloor heating systems circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat the space, similar to radiators.

The pipes can be connected to your current heat source ( boiler ) using a manifold ( essentially a system that allows the pipes to work together ).

The bigger the system, the more pipes it will have and the more complex the manifold will be.

Fed up of getting out of bed to adjust the thermostat in the middle of the night? can even control your heating from your mobile phone with bluetooth technology and phone apps for your convenience.

The system will also be fitted to a thermostat or thermostats if you are having more than one zone.

This method gives you full control of your heating system and allows you to regulate the temperature to suit your needs. This also means you don’t have to heat areas of your home not in constant, saving you even more money!

Our dedicated installation team can also connect your thermostat to a Nest controller.

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